Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3

Ok, lemme just say that this blog is gonna be a bit biased since toy story had a big impact on my child hood.flashback!
The Year: 1995
The Place: Minnesota
My siblings and I had just seen Toy Story(for the life of me I can't remember if it was in the theaters or rented). And I had a new perspective on toys. I had always taken care of my toys. Always. I had to keep them safe from the terrors of my older brother.
But after seeing Toy Story, my hopes sky rocketed. Toys, alive??? Only in my wildest dreams as a 7 year old girl. From then on, I took extra care of my toys. I even had all the McDonalds plush dolls of Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Ham. So I played Toy Story with my toys, with Woody as the leader. He was and still is my favorite. So that's how I grew up with my toys, treating them as equals. I still have allot of my toys packed neatly away in my parents basement because I know they deserve better than being thrown out or sold. Crazy, you say? Pack rat you say? Well that may be.
Anyway back to the review. Toy Story 3 is all about closure. And we sure needed it. Everyone wanted to know what would happen to the key toys once Andy grew up. After Toy Story 2, which was good, you wanted more. Needed more. And TS3 delivers. Its great for all ages, as the first two were. Basically if you liked the other 2 you will like this one no doubt. Not a fan of toy story(are you even human?)then don't go. My husband was worried the theater was going to be packed with kids, but I reminded him that we were kids when we saw the first one, and that the audience consisted of a few children, but mostly people our age, that grew up with it. Not saying that little ones now a days don't watch Toy Story, its just that there is so much other media to distract them. The story line is great, the dialogue up to pixar standards(Monsters Inc, Up, Finding Nemo). The animation has truly upgraded from the first movie, so they look a little different, just a little streamlined. Lemme just say my favorite parts of the movie, parts where I was laughing out loud, was basically anypart with Ken. You have to see the movie to understand why. Anyways, this will be a must own pixar for me unlike other huge disapointments(The Incredibles and Rattoullie).

All in all go see this movie, and if you get emotional at all bring tissues, I was crying for like the last 10 minutes of this movie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

HP in 3-D...WHY?

I have just learned that the last 2 Harry Potter movies will be in 3-freakin-D.I only have 1 question....WHY???
And yet, I KNOW why....
First off lemme just clear this up...I have not read any HP books aside from the first 2. I am a HP movie fan.
Next, lets address the fact that this will be split into two movies. Its only for one reason and that money. As far as I know there is no like middle part in the book thats easy to cut off from, right? I mean if JK Rowling wanted to make the last book into like a last 2 books, she would have right? So then why the 3-Dness?Same reason it will be in 2 movies. Money.
Its just drives me up the wall! Warner Bros is going to make like a gagillions of dollars on this movie, and I can almost see into the conference room of the execs.....

Big Movie Exec: "So how are we gonna milk all we can out of this las Harry Potter book?"
Other Big Movie Exec: "How bout we make it 3-D!Its just a fad, thats mostly for kids movies and slasher films, but just think of it! Including tickets prices, we can charge more for glasses!"
BME: "I like it! But how can we double it?"
OBME: "Hmmmm....I know! Do like a Lord of the Rings thing, lets make 2 movies!"
BME: "Brilliant!"

Sorry its just redonkulas.....I had a shred of hope with this movie, like I know books versus movies(heck, I wrote a eariler blog about it!)and there are lots of things left out, changed, etc.But still, HP couldve kpet its dignity intact with this last book. But no they had to go 3-D it up.Ugh.I know for fact that I will NOT see this in 3-D.But I will still see it. Thats the ironic thing. But seeing it in a non 3-D format, is all I can do to stick it to the man.Well thats my rant. If anyone is reading this and thinks I am outta line because I am a HP movie fan and not a HP book fan lemme know. I really want to get the perspective of the book fans. Ok, rant over....for now :)