Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok, know where to begin? First off I suppose is saying that I really didn't feel like seeing this movie. It didn't spark my interest. But as everyone else wanted to see it, I went. Did I enjoy it? Meh. It was fine.
Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Michael Cain(cameo!), Marion Collitard(sp?)Cillian Murphy(attractive!!)and Ellen Paige. Plus lots of other people.
Inception is about dreams, and thats about it. See I can't describe it myself, the movie does a very good job of that, and isn't confusing in the slightest. But it would be confusing if I myself tried to describe it too you. Its a heist movie, and a sorta love story. Actually more a story about trying to let go of love. There are 2 storylines. Both center on Cobb(Leo). One is about his love life(or lack there of)and one is about his job. Both intertwine together, but the main one is about his love life. Well not at first. What I can do for this movie is give props to how it tricks you, at first. At first you think the whole movie is about the job, the "inception" into Murphys characters mind. SPOILER ALERT------------But it's not. It's actually about that inception into Cobb's dead wife's mind. Slighty absurd, unlesss you see the movie. Once he reveals the inception into her mind(actually way before that)you know the whole movie was really about him and her, and the other story was just a diversion.------------SPOILER ALERT OVER!!
So what else can I say? The acting was good, you can't really go wrong with Leo, as democratic and enviromentally annoying he is in real life, his acting is always good. The effects were good, the stunts better. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's scence of him kicking butt in a hotel hallway was great! The characters? All really likeable(exept for Paiges, well to me at least. she annoying me to no end!)my favorite had to be Eames, good ol' comic relief. The story? Tried to hard. The plot? Completely predictable. I could geuss it pretty much right away. Now thats saying something. I never get stuff like that. I mean I watched Signs with my family and felt like an idiot. "Oh I know what she means by swing away!" and I was sitting there like, "What?" How in the world did they all know that he had to hit glasses of water at an alein with his baseball bat??? Anyway, I digress.
The plot was very easy to geuss. The story was trying to hard to be cool, but it had its moments. Now the ending. Lemme just say that I am a person that needs closure. I do NOT like wishy washy endings. This movie has a wishy washy ending. And I don't like it. Thats all I am going to say other wise I will give it away. Even though you know its gonna happen, and you just don't want it too.
So, all in all this movie was ok, not really my cup of tea though. My favorite part? Going to the movie theater! I love movie theaters the whole atmosphere of it! Well sounds like I have a knew blog idea. The wondrous world of the Movie Theater. See you next time!