Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Magic of Movies.

Here I am again after a few months reprieve.
Why wasn't I writing anything? Simple. Writers block.
But lately I have been reading tons of movies news, mostly about superhero movies. And I have been reading alot of status updates on FB praising music.
These things have spurred me into writing a blog about my favorite medium: Motion Pictures.
To me, there are 4 simple pop culture mediums. Movies, TV, Music, and to a lesser extent Books.
Remember, I am talking about POPULAR Culture, not Culture. I know there is art, "Indie" music, poetry, and the like. But that is not what I am talking about. I know very little to nothing about those subjects. So I will stick with what I know.
I have been asked in the famous "Would You Rather" game, never see a movie again, or never listen to music again? Without hestitation I chose never listen to music again. I was looked at very strangly. It wasn't an easy choice lemme tell ya. I know choosing that I would never hear the opening Star Wars theme song, or the simple and peaceful Concerneing Hobbits. I wouldn't hear Clair De Lune and the end of Ocean's Eleven. Alas, not even being able to listen to The Phantom of the Opera was almost enough to make me change my choice. But then I thought about never seeing Darth Vader declare his parentage to Luke Skywalker. With that raised hand, and Luke clinging on for dear life in Cloud City. I thought about never seeing the Fellowship of the Ring swear their loyalty to Frodo. I thought about never laughing at the hilarious subtly of George Cloonley, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. And I thought about never seeing The Phantom of the Opera. To me, it would be incredibly easy to live without music. I basically do now.
Because what I listen to wouldn't be considered music to alot of people. Why? Because I listen to popular music. Lol, right? Top 40 hits, Dance music. Katy Perry, and anything with a fun sound. I like to be able to dance when I listen to music. I listen to the occasional sappy love song, and classical music to. But I really prefer fun music. Oh and 80's. Gotta love those classic, which most people don't like either. If I start freaking out because Don't Stop Believin comes on the radio, I am not a GLEEk. I really don't even like that version. Oh and if you like Michael Jackson's music that doesn't make you an expert on 80's music. Nuff said.
I tried once, when I was younger, to "Get into Music". The result was alot of wasted time and horrible CD purchases. I simply don't get music. Who cares if the singer wrote his/her own songs? Who cares if they play instruments? Who cares?
I have alot of CDs, alot burnt and alot normal. I was looking through them the other day and thought, "Sheesh, I never listen to any of this anymore!" I usually always put in my old NSYNC cd, or throw in Journey's Greatest hits. Thats about the extent. I have a bunch of others, but rarely, if ever listen to them.
Now movies would be very hard for me to give up. I even wrote, directed, produced, and co-starred in my own movie(ugh, the mistakes we make in youth!). I have movies I bought when I was very young that I still watch today, in fact a few days ago I watched Beauty and the Beast. Classic.
People can go ahead a listen to The Kings of Leon and Simon & Garfunkel(yeah I like them, but I just wanted to say Garfunkel. Say it with me: Garfunkel), or whatever. I will gladly watch Surf's Up, The Mummy, Star Wars, Speed Racer(yes, its awful, and yes I love it), Batman Forever(heheh awful again, but nostalgic)Batman Begins, The Wizard of Oz, and etc. I just really really enjoy movies. Nothing else can be like movies are to be. Music doesn't even come close.
But on another note, to quote a certain movie from the year 1971, "We must remember there are more important things, *many* more important things.... Though offhand I cannot think of what they are but I'm sure there must be something."
That is what I shall leave you with. *bows*