Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

This is not really going to be a review. Its more of a retelling of my night waiting in line for HPatDHp1.
The movie will begin at midnight. Me and 9 other people in my groupare going to see this movie. We bought our tickets 3 weeks ago, to a modestly sized theater. Not the biggest in town, not the nicest, but definatly not the worst. It was sold out completely of course. When I arrived at 6, there was perhaps, 20 to 30 people in line already. My husband dropped me off, and went home(He hates waiting in lines, and had to get up at 8 the next day, which I didn't). The people around me were nice, and one extremely annoying. It happens. Anyway. My sister in law arrives and we start the night. A friend of her's from work and her friend's roommate arrive and sit next to us. That is 4 already. The other five arrive about an hour later and have to go to the end of the line. There was at least 20 people between us. We had it all planned though. We would just save seats, since my group was pretty close, and even they werent the last in line for much longer.
I had bought Silly Bandz, which I don't like, but they were Harry Potter ones, which I gave out to random people.
I myself kept a Hufflepuff badger for myself, but lost it since I have small wrists.
We played Uno, looked at Wedding pictures of my sister in laws wedding and just talked. And the night went by pretty fast. I was freaking out basically the whole night. When I get excited I talk ALOT. And I was just shaking.
Around 11 people started to get restless because we had been informed that around 11:20 people would be seated. We gathered out things and stood up to wait. It was so close!
They herded us in rather well, no riots. We turned down the hallway less traveled and bolted to a theater. We got in and it was pratically empty and we picked out the best seats in the house I think. And we managed to save all the seats we needed and we all sat together.
We don't have long to wait after that. The lights dim, the crowd cheers and the previews start. Not ten minutes later the movie starts.
Do I need to review a movie that is techincally half of a movie? Why not just wait until July? I will say a few things.
They took there time. Which was good and bad. Some would find it too slow at parts and other would say it was just how the book did it.
The ended it rather well. If you like ending movies emotionally distraught. ;)
SO SO SO glad this was not in 3D. Would have totally cheapened the movie.
Thats all for now.
Nothing beats a midnight showing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Magic of Movies.

Here I am again after a few months reprieve.
Why wasn't I writing anything? Simple. Writers block.
But lately I have been reading tons of movies news, mostly about superhero movies. And I have been reading alot of status updates on FB praising music.
These things have spurred me into writing a blog about my favorite medium: Motion Pictures.
To me, there are 4 simple pop culture mediums. Movies, TV, Music, and to a lesser extent Books.
Remember, I am talking about POPULAR Culture, not Culture. I know there is art, "Indie" music, poetry, and the like. But that is not what I am talking about. I know very little to nothing about those subjects. So I will stick with what I know.
I have been asked in the famous "Would You Rather" game, never see a movie again, or never listen to music again? Without hestitation I chose never listen to music again. I was looked at very strangly. It wasn't an easy choice lemme tell ya. I know choosing that I would never hear the opening Star Wars theme song, or the simple and peaceful Concerneing Hobbits. I wouldn't hear Clair De Lune and the end of Ocean's Eleven. Alas, not even being able to listen to The Phantom of the Opera was almost enough to make me change my choice. But then I thought about never seeing Darth Vader declare his parentage to Luke Skywalker. With that raised hand, and Luke clinging on for dear life in Cloud City. I thought about never seeing the Fellowship of the Ring swear their loyalty to Frodo. I thought about never laughing at the hilarious subtly of George Cloonley, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. And I thought about never seeing The Phantom of the Opera. To me, it would be incredibly easy to live without music. I basically do now.
Because what I listen to wouldn't be considered music to alot of people. Why? Because I listen to popular music. Lol, right? Top 40 hits, Dance music. Katy Perry, and anything with a fun sound. I like to be able to dance when I listen to music. I listen to the occasional sappy love song, and classical music to. But I really prefer fun music. Oh and 80's. Gotta love those classic, which most people don't like either. If I start freaking out because Don't Stop Believin comes on the radio, I am not a GLEEk. I really don't even like that version. Oh and if you like Michael Jackson's music that doesn't make you an expert on 80's music. Nuff said.
I tried once, when I was younger, to "Get into Music". The result was alot of wasted time and horrible CD purchases. I simply don't get music. Who cares if the singer wrote his/her own songs? Who cares if they play instruments? Who cares?
I have alot of CDs, alot burnt and alot normal. I was looking through them the other day and thought, "Sheesh, I never listen to any of this anymore!" I usually always put in my old NSYNC cd, or throw in Journey's Greatest hits. Thats about the extent. I have a bunch of others, but rarely, if ever listen to them.
Now movies would be very hard for me to give up. I even wrote, directed, produced, and co-starred in my own movie(ugh, the mistakes we make in youth!). I have movies I bought when I was very young that I still watch today, in fact a few days ago I watched Beauty and the Beast. Classic.
People can go ahead a listen to The Kings of Leon and Simon & Garfunkel(yeah I like them, but I just wanted to say Garfunkel. Say it with me: Garfunkel), or whatever. I will gladly watch Surf's Up, The Mummy, Star Wars, Speed Racer(yes, its awful, and yes I love it), Batman Forever(heheh awful again, but nostalgic)Batman Begins, The Wizard of Oz, and etc. I just really really enjoy movies. Nothing else can be like movies are to be. Music doesn't even come close.
But on another note, to quote a certain movie from the year 1971, "We must remember there are more important things, *many* more important things.... Though offhand I cannot think of what they are but I'm sure there must be something."
That is what I shall leave you with. *bows*

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok, know where to begin? First off I suppose is saying that I really didn't feel like seeing this movie. It didn't spark my interest. But as everyone else wanted to see it, I went. Did I enjoy it? Meh. It was fine.
Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Michael Cain(cameo!), Marion Collitard(sp?)Cillian Murphy(attractive!!)and Ellen Paige. Plus lots of other people.
Inception is about dreams, and thats about it. See I can't describe it myself, the movie does a very good job of that, and isn't confusing in the slightest. But it would be confusing if I myself tried to describe it too you. Its a heist movie, and a sorta love story. Actually more a story about trying to let go of love. There are 2 storylines. Both center on Cobb(Leo). One is about his love life(or lack there of)and one is about his job. Both intertwine together, but the main one is about his love life. Well not at first. What I can do for this movie is give props to how it tricks you, at first. At first you think the whole movie is about the job, the "inception" into Murphys characters mind. SPOILER ALERT------------But it's not. It's actually about that inception into Cobb's dead wife's mind. Slighty absurd, unlesss you see the movie. Once he reveals the inception into her mind(actually way before that)you know the whole movie was really about him and her, and the other story was just a diversion.------------SPOILER ALERT OVER!!
So what else can I say? The acting was good, you can't really go wrong with Leo, as democratic and enviromentally annoying he is in real life, his acting is always good. The effects were good, the stunts better. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's scence of him kicking butt in a hotel hallway was great! The characters? All really likeable(exept for Paiges, well to me at least. she annoying me to no end!)my favorite had to be Eames, good ol' comic relief. The story? Tried to hard. The plot? Completely predictable. I could geuss it pretty much right away. Now thats saying something. I never get stuff like that. I mean I watched Signs with my family and felt like an idiot. "Oh I know what she means by swing away!" and I was sitting there like, "What?" How in the world did they all know that he had to hit glasses of water at an alein with his baseball bat??? Anyway, I digress.
The plot was very easy to geuss. The story was trying to hard to be cool, but it had its moments. Now the ending. Lemme just say that I am a person that needs closure. I do NOT like wishy washy endings. This movie has a wishy washy ending. And I don't like it. Thats all I am going to say other wise I will give it away. Even though you know its gonna happen, and you just don't want it too.
So, all in all this movie was ok, not really my cup of tea though. My favorite part? Going to the movie theater! I love movie theaters the whole atmosphere of it! Well sounds like I have a knew blog idea. The wondrous world of the Movie Theater. See you next time!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3

Ok, lemme just say that this blog is gonna be a bit biased since toy story had a big impact on my child hood.flashback!
The Year: 1995
The Place: Minnesota
My siblings and I had just seen Toy Story(for the life of me I can't remember if it was in the theaters or rented). And I had a new perspective on toys. I had always taken care of my toys. Always. I had to keep them safe from the terrors of my older brother.
But after seeing Toy Story, my hopes sky rocketed. Toys, alive??? Only in my wildest dreams as a 7 year old girl. From then on, I took extra care of my toys. I even had all the McDonalds plush dolls of Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Ham. So I played Toy Story with my toys, with Woody as the leader. He was and still is my favorite. So that's how I grew up with my toys, treating them as equals. I still have allot of my toys packed neatly away in my parents basement because I know they deserve better than being thrown out or sold. Crazy, you say? Pack rat you say? Well that may be.
Anyway back to the review. Toy Story 3 is all about closure. And we sure needed it. Everyone wanted to know what would happen to the key toys once Andy grew up. After Toy Story 2, which was good, you wanted more. Needed more. And TS3 delivers. Its great for all ages, as the first two were. Basically if you liked the other 2 you will like this one no doubt. Not a fan of toy story(are you even human?)then don't go. My husband was worried the theater was going to be packed with kids, but I reminded him that we were kids when we saw the first one, and that the audience consisted of a few children, but mostly people our age, that grew up with it. Not saying that little ones now a days don't watch Toy Story, its just that there is so much other media to distract them. The story line is great, the dialogue up to pixar standards(Monsters Inc, Up, Finding Nemo). The animation has truly upgraded from the first movie, so they look a little different, just a little streamlined. Lemme just say my favorite parts of the movie, parts where I was laughing out loud, was basically anypart with Ken. You have to see the movie to understand why. Anyways, this will be a must own pixar for me unlike other huge disapointments(The Incredibles and Rattoullie).

All in all go see this movie, and if you get emotional at all bring tissues, I was crying for like the last 10 minutes of this movie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

HP in 3-D...WHY?

I have just learned that the last 2 Harry Potter movies will be in 3-freakin-D.I only have 1 question....WHY???
And yet, I KNOW why....
First off lemme just clear this up...I have not read any HP books aside from the first 2. I am a HP movie fan.
Next, lets address the fact that this will be split into two movies. Its only for one reason and that money. As far as I know there is no like middle part in the book thats easy to cut off from, right? I mean if JK Rowling wanted to make the last book into like a last 2 books, she would have right? So then why the 3-Dness?Same reason it will be in 2 movies. Money.
Its just drives me up the wall! Warner Bros is going to make like a gagillions of dollars on this movie, and I can almost see into the conference room of the execs.....

Big Movie Exec: "So how are we gonna milk all we can out of this las Harry Potter book?"
Other Big Movie Exec: "How bout we make it 3-D!Its just a fad, thats mostly for kids movies and slasher films, but just think of it! Including tickets prices, we can charge more for glasses!"
BME: "I like it! But how can we double it?"
OBME: "Hmmmm....I know! Do like a Lord of the Rings thing, lets make 2 movies!"
BME: "Brilliant!"

Sorry its just redonkulas.....I had a shred of hope with this movie, like I know books versus movies(heck, I wrote a eariler blog about it!)and there are lots of things left out, changed, etc.But still, HP couldve kpet its dignity intact with this last book. But no they had to go 3-D it up.Ugh.I know for fact that I will NOT see this in 3-D.But I will still see it. Thats the ironic thing. But seeing it in a non 3-D format, is all I can do to stick it to the man.Well thats my rant. If anyone is reading this and thinks I am outta line because I am a HP movie fan and not a HP book fan lemme know. I really want to get the perspective of the book fans. Ok, rant over....for now :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Hood

Robin Hood. Starring Russel Crowe, Cate Blanchet, John Hurt, and lots of other no names. Well I haven't heard of most of them anyway. Well I have seen them in stuff but have never learned there names. Anway I digress.
This is not a story about Robin Hood. Its about Robin Longstride, and how he became Robin of the Hood.
Let me just say, that all of my knowledge of Robin Hood has come from the Disney version and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
So now, this movie was very long. Ive seen long movies before, that didn't feel long. But this movie just felt long. Mostly because there are alot of battle scences. Now, see as I said in Iron Man 2 review, that my eyes tend to glaze over and I go into a trance-like state until the boring battle scences are over. I was practically asleep watching the battle scences. I need bright colors, and explosions to keep my interest. Well I am a girl too, so I think the guys I saw it with enjoyed them.
Another thing about this movie, it was very much a guy movie. Lots of brotherhood, honor, and courage and stuff. Girls can do like that too, but come on. Girl like love stories more. Just that simple. And the love story? Well it was ok. Kinda sweet. But it felt forced.
There were hilarious moments, specially with Friar Took, Will Scarlett, and Little John. Those guys had to be my favorite part.
The other redeeming quality was Prince John. The guy who acted that part was great. A perfect weaslely jerk. He was such a jerk, there was no problem hating him. It was great.
So all in all this movie was just ok. Yeah, not groundbreaking or oscar worthy. Just ok.
And if they make a sequel(which is what it is set up for)I will probably go see it. Mostly because my husband really liked the movie. He liked Gladiator too. The first time I saw that movie I feel asleep. So goes to show some of our differing tastes.
So whats next after this? Not sure. Toy Story 3 probably. Even though thats like 3 weeks away. I will have to think of other things to blog about between now and then, than.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

Ok, my first ever real review of a movies. I haven't updated for a while since I was waiting to review Iron Man 2!So this will be a first review in a LONG time. I used to review movies on my myspace(who uses that anymore?), but honestly, I wasn't too honest I gave everything a 7 out of 10 even when it sucked(Dead Mans Chest).I was just too nice.
So, here we go. Iron Man 2.
What a great way to start the summer movies season. Iron Man 2 was pure entertainment. Blockbuster that will no be nominated for anywards(well MTV awards maybe).No depth, no underlying message.Just pure entertainment.
Which is why this movie rocked.
You want a superhero movie with depth?Batman Begins or The Dark Knight are great for that. You want to have fun watching a movie?Laugh?Cheer?Then Iron Man 2 is the ticket for you.
This is the kind of movie I could watch again and again.And again.There is something about a movie that doesn't make you think, doesn't make you cry, feel guilty, or uncomfortable. Doesn't make you feel like you need to discuss it for hours after. Thats the beauty of this movie. This may sound like I am bashing it for being to "simple" but trust me this was just what the doctor ordered. I've seen a few previews for movies that I couldn't even finish. The American, Bright Star, Death and Cremation(mostly because that one scared the crap outta me). Sometimes you just want to watch a mindlessly entertaining movie. Iron Man 2 fits the bill.
There are mindless movies(GForce)that just aren't entertaining. But Iron Man 2 is done so well.
Starring Robert Downey Jr, Gweneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle(who replaced Terrance Howard.why? My sources say its because he was to difficult to work with, and didn't want to take a pay cut)Mickey Rourke, Paul Bettany, and Scarlett Johansson.
Storyline: Ivan(Rourke)hates Tony Stark and wants to destroy him. Justin Hammer(Rockwell)is Tony's business rival that wants to get the edge on him. Thus the movt basic plotline without giving anything away. Bad guys:Hammer and Ivan. Good guys:Tony. Confusing: Rhodes.
The specail effects were tremendous, and the fight scences were really really cool. Usually my eyes glaze over and I go into sort of a trance until the fight scences are over, but these were really cool. The acting was great specailly by Downey Jr, who is great as narcisstic Stark(totally had to look the word up!). And I can even stand Paltrow in this movie. I am not the biggest fan of hers.
So basically ifyou liked the first one, you will like Iron Man 2. Tons of fun, great visuals. I really can't tell people to go see it unless they've seen the first one. If you don't like the first you won't like the second, cuz its basically the same. Awesome. Oh and stay for after the credits!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Na na na na na na....BATMAN!

This just in folks(well for me anyway!)July 20, 2012 will be, no not the end of the world, but the release date of Batman 3!!!!!(Not Joel Schumacher Batman, Christopher Nolan Batman).
I got this info from a very secret source...well not really Rotten Tomatoes ain't exactly secret.
Anyway, there is no word as to who is a attached to the film, or what it will be about.
The crazy thing is that Spiderman 4 will be released the same month! I don't think that B3 will have much to worry about since Spiderman 3 was such a disapointment.Such a BIG disapointment.They better step it up is all I have to say on that matter.
Now back to the coolest superhero eva, Batman.Don't give me that crap about him not being super since he has no powers. You try to do what he does, and youll soon realize that youve gotta be super to do it.
I am curious as to what this next movie will be called, I like that its not going to be called batman 3, and that they have different names for the movies. Some suggestions from me? Well The Caped Crusader is good, but a little midevil like.
Oh, and that same year the next new Star Trek movie is going to be out. Man, 2012 might be the end of the world just from the awesomeness of the movies being released.
Well anyway, this was a short and awesome post to alert all of Batman, so now I must be off, since I have some very annoying hiccups that I am trying to get rid of(yes, I have been holding my breath, but now I just feel lightheaded and I have the hiccups). Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star

Ok, so I am have a mentally blank day, like yeah no ideas for a post came to me. THen it hit me, "Youtube!What a way to pass the buck!"
I figured when I don't have anything to worth while to say, I will post a hilarious video about a movie or movies in general on my blog. And since I love the Ocean's movies this made me laugh. And it will make those that don't like the Ocean's movies*cough*mysister*cough* laugh.Trust me its rather good.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Movies vs. Books

Here I am again!Been a long weekend, with some good times. So lets continue!
Movies versus Books.
Books versus Movies.
Who's side are you on? I don't think anyone should have a side really. The people that say, "Oh the book is ALWAYS better." aren't right.
Do I have an example? Yeah, but I will get to that later.
I have been conducting research, without even knowing it really. The last 2 books, and the current one that I am reading have all been made into movies. First was Emma, by Jane Austen. Then The Time Travelers Wife, by some author the name escapes me at the moment. And I am currently reading Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. So after reading and comparing to thier movie conterparts, I am ready to blog about Movies vs. Books!!
Ok, now to deal with my statement at the beginning of this blog. The book is not always better than the movie. The Time Travelers Wife being a very good example. The movie was good. Tear jerker fo sho! I really related to it, because its all about waiting for the one you love, I and my husband had a long distance relationship(they can and do work I know of 3 good ones!). Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana worked very well together, and I thought they handled the time traveling well since when he time travels, he becomes stark naked. It wasn't silly, but it could have been, but the movie really worked it out well. All in all a decent chick flick. Now, the book. I really didn't like it. The writing style, well wasn't my style. It was crass and crude most of the time, and I didn't really like the characters. Again the time travel part was cool, but other than that I would choose movie over book anytime.
Emma. This one is tougher. I don't like Emma, as in the main character. I enjoyed the other characters immensley but couldn't stand her. It took me almost 3 months to read it all because I didn't like her that much.Movie version. Emma or Clueless? Def Clueless. Emma(1996), was pretty much the same as the book, I couldn't like the titular character.
Clueless on the other hand is a very good loose adaptation of the novel. Very 90's, totally in the moment kinda movie. But I can still watch it today and enjoy it even though they are wearing awful clothes, and saying "As if!" A movie for generation X. So movie better than book.
Inkheart. This is a case where the movie is worse than the book. I have only read about half the book, but its already drastically different than the book. The movie was all over the place and you could tell just from watching the movie stuff was left out and not explained well at all. And I find it funny that honsetly, that this was made into a movie. Its a book about books! Its something that has to be read! Not watched. Like who read this book, about books, about reading books, and said, "Lets make a movie!" Boggles my mind!
So after those few comparisons, I am sure you are wondering, "What does she think about Harry Potter? Or LotR?"
Lets deal with Harry first. I must admit I have only read 2 HP books. The first 2 "kids" books. And I stopped. Why? Disinterest. How many movies have I seen? All of them. Several times. I even own Chamber of Secrets(favorite)and Order of the Phoenix(PMS Harry!). I am a HP movie fan. I really like all the movies, and have no desire to read the books.
LotR. Ah, the memories. Next year the Fellowship movie will be 10 years old. 10!!Wow, time sure does fly(you fools!). Yes, I have read all 3 LotR books. And the Hobbit and the Simarillion. And I thoroughly enjoy the movies. This is a case were the books are WAY better than the movies(don't get me started on the Two Towers movie!FARAMIR DID NOT TAKE THE HOBBITS TO OSGILIATHsorry, I said I wouldn't but I just couldn't stop myself).
Anyway. Where was I going with this whole blog anyway? Ah yes to prove a point. The book is not always better than a movie, it just depends on if you like the book. There are so many other book/movies I could have mentioned, but that would have made this a lot longer. Maybe I will dedicate an entire blog to Pride and Prejudice some time. That could take awhile to blog about....
Movies are great if you want a quick shot of the book(LotR), because some people(me)can't read that fast. Or if you just want to avoid the not so good book, and just enjoy a good movie. Or vice versa. Hope I have made myself clear. Never judge a movie by its book. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never work with Children or Animals...

I wasn't really planning on posting anything until I got done with a little experiment of mine. Well, nothing to crazy I am just researching Movies vs. Books.
More on that another time though.
Today I am bloggin about animals in movies. I usually like to give myself at least a day or two to come up with my blog. I think of the topic, then I think on the bulk of what will be written(typed). Not today however. I am just winging this one.
I am writing about animals because I lost a very dear animal, a cat. 13 years old. Passed away of old age. Zelda. She was the greatest cat, of course not everyone thought that. She was old, mean, and fat. But she wasn't mean to me. I call her my cat, but thats a relative term I guess. She was the "family's" cat. But my brothers tormented her, and my sister got married and moved away, so she really only had me. She would come to my room for sanctuary. I would provide it. In return she would honor me with her constant presence, and allow me to pet her. I feed her and just plain loved her. When I got married and moved away not long ago, I cried saying farewell to her(I couldn't take her even though I wanted to real bad). I still have a cat, but he is only a few months with us at this point, so he isn't as near and dear to me as Zelda was. He will be though. I already love him immensely.
So I guess I am digressing from my original topic of animals in movies.
Where to begin? Well, they are in disaster movies, as friends of a homeless person or a child. And if that animal somehow dies in the disaster, forget it the movie sucks. But if that animal lives the movie is good. Never mind how many people die in the said disaster, the animal has gotta live. Examples?
The Day After Tomorrow
The Towering Inferno(where O.J. Simpson saves a cat)

Those are just a few that come to mind.
One movie that its kind of ok that an animal dies is The Lion King. I still bawl like a baby when Mufasa dies(No, not a spoiler because any one that doesn't know that, well that's just sad, so very sad). That's about all I can take though. I pretty much put off watching I am Legend because the dog dies. But my husband likes it, and otherwise its a cool movie.
There are the obnoxious talking animal movies, where there are humans, not just all animals(GForce, Over the Hedge) and the good talking animal movies (Cinderella, Homeward Bound).
And the just plain animal movies(Finding Nemo, Surf's Up, A Goofy Movie).
Oh and My Dog Skip. That's a really good movie, but I can't watch it without crying for at least an hour afterwards. Fox and the Hound. Totally SAD. Saw it when I was a child and I refuse to watch it to this day. As far as I can remember they don't die in the movie, its just really really sad.
So lets recap! Animal deaths in a movie = Bad(Bambi)
That's about it, lol. I may be almost 22, but I love a good Disney movie about animals.
Well that's all today. If this one seems convoluted its because I still am grief stricken
Rest in Peace my wondeful Zelda. I miss you so much.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back

I don't remember the first time I watched it.I don't remember my reaction to hearing, "I am your father."
Its just always been there.My favorite of the star wars original trilogy.Heck, my favorite out of the entire saga.
Why am I bringin this up?
Well its the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back being released in theater. Thats right 30 years! Its only 8 years older than I am.
Everyone knows how AWESOME the Empire Strikes Back is.Its is consistently in my Top 5 movies, which rearranges, and changes frequently.
A New Hope = Great
Return of the Jedi = Great too.
But this has got to be the best sequel out there. No other sequel has gotten close to being as good. Well Spider-Man 2 was really good. But lets name a few more. Thats aren't at all good.

Temple of Doom
Attack of the Clones
Dead Man's Chest

Mediocre Sequels:
Ocean's 12
Shrek 2

You catch my drift right? There is something about watching Empire, that different than the rest.
Yoda, Cloud City, "I am your father.", Boba Fett, Asteriods,Hoth,"I love you"...."I know."
Its all just too good. For whatever mistakes Gearge Lucas has made(did I already mention Attack of the Clones?..Oh I did.)this is the pique of his greatness. Not Return of the Jedi, which is really cool.
Oh!And you can't watch the specail edition. I won't go off into my usuall rant I have with my husband about the huge change they made to a scence between Darth Vader and The Emperor. It just wasn't right, ok? I don't care if it make more sense with the new movies, the new movies should have made more sense with the OLD movies!
Ok, I said I wouldn't rant. Just stick with the theatrical edition, if you can. Its for the best.This aint Lord of the Rings. More doesn't equal cooler.
What more can I say?Its a childhood favorite. Its a current favorite.It will be a forever favorite.
To ring in the new year me, my husband, and 2 exceptionally close friends watched all 6 movies in a row. It was a blast. I may have nodded off during Empire, its true. But it is the one I have seen the most. So i dreamed about it as I nodded off, in essence never really missing a beat.
I grew up with this movie, it will forever be a part of my life. Some of you may be thinking, "Its just a movie!"
Well, that book you read as a kid and love and have read over and over, its just a book. That favorite song the harkens you back to simplier times, its just a song.
See?Everyone latches on to something from thier childhood, sure its not some picture of a mountain, a book about dragons, or a song about love. Mine just happens to be a movie about a galaxy far far away...

I leave you know with a really cool fan made trailer for the Empire Strikes Back:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movies are my Forte

Ok, here it is my first blog. First a little background to how this came about shall we?
My bro-in-law and his wife and my husband. They're the ones that put me up to this. Should I use names?Whats with all the stranger danger out there I think I will refrain from names at the moment.
When we would get together and start talking about movies, I would ramble on my opinions, without much thought. They would laugh and say "You need to start your own blog!"
I fought against for a long while. Why? Not sure. Low self-esteem probably is the culprit. Thinking no one would read this. But here I am knowing that somewhere out there someone will read this.
So onto what this blog will be about.
Movies, gerr.
Its all I can really do. Movies. I know things about them, and people tend to trust my thoughts on them(even though my Mother should more!).
There are plenty of other more important things in life like faith in God(which I've got tons of!)but I thought I would blog about less confrontational things like movies. But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing my Christian views!
I will review upcoming movies, movies from the past, and just talk about movie news. And maybe someday when I get more readers I will ask for requests on movies to review.
Rules?There are a few. (actually there more like guidlines then actually rules.arrggh matey!)
No indie films or avant garde crap.
No I have not seen Donnie Darko, and I probably never will if I can help it.
I am voiceing my opinion, and mine only. Don't like it? Don't read it.
I like totally random types of films, mostly all with happy endings.
I do not like "real" films like World Trade Center, Hotel Rwanda, or a Beautiful Mind. Sure those movies have good actors about important things and such but here is what I think.
The world sucks enough. There is so much sin, and hatred why go to a movie for 2 hours and cry your eyes out and be reminded of that?
Movies are my escape. I go to a movie to laugh, smile, and cry happy tears.(Frodo! No don't leave Sam!)
So yeah now this is long enough I think. Lets see if anyone got this far! heheh.
Ok, well a review on something or more just random thoughts on movies are to come. If anyone reads this that is. Well I know my family will! They love me.
My mom thinks I'm cool!