Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Hood

Robin Hood. Starring Russel Crowe, Cate Blanchet, John Hurt, and lots of other no names. Well I haven't heard of most of them anyway. Well I have seen them in stuff but have never learned there names. Anway I digress.
This is not a story about Robin Hood. Its about Robin Longstride, and how he became Robin of the Hood.
Let me just say, that all of my knowledge of Robin Hood has come from the Disney version and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
So now, this movie was very long. Ive seen long movies before, that didn't feel long. But this movie just felt long. Mostly because there are alot of battle scences. Now, see as I said in Iron Man 2 review, that my eyes tend to glaze over and I go into a trance-like state until the boring battle scences are over. I was practically asleep watching the battle scences. I need bright colors, and explosions to keep my interest. Well I am a girl too, so I think the guys I saw it with enjoyed them.
Another thing about this movie, it was very much a guy movie. Lots of brotherhood, honor, and courage and stuff. Girls can do like that too, but come on. Girl like love stories more. Just that simple. And the love story? Well it was ok. Kinda sweet. But it felt forced.
There were hilarious moments, specially with Friar Took, Will Scarlett, and Little John. Those guys had to be my favorite part.
The other redeeming quality was Prince John. The guy who acted that part was great. A perfect weaslely jerk. He was such a jerk, there was no problem hating him. It was great.
So all in all this movie was just ok. Yeah, not groundbreaking or oscar worthy. Just ok.
And if they make a sequel(which is what it is set up for)I will probably go see it. Mostly because my husband really liked the movie. He liked Gladiator too. The first time I saw that movie I feel asleep. So goes to show some of our differing tastes.
So whats next after this? Not sure. Toy Story 3 probably. Even though thats like 3 weeks away. I will have to think of other things to blog about between now and then, than.


  1. I didn't like the bloody parts of battle, but it was much more toned down than Gladiator, and similar to LOTR, similar also to the moment where lady Marian becomes LOTR's Eowyn and decides to pull the "I am no man" card and go after Godfrey, stupid, stupid. (I didn't feel like she had enough time to show that she was so indebted to her father-in-law that she would be willing to throw her life away). Other than that I had no complaints - the battle scenes contained lots of acrobatics (since it was the someday-to-be-merry men) and I do like fighting scenes, at the same time, Kidnapped and Treasure Island were some of my favorite books as a kid.

    I liked the love story, it didn't feel forced - especially once I realized her first marriage was arranged and she had only seen the guy a week.

    The historical accuracy with King Richard added a nice layer, as did the nobleman's charter/monument. Still researching to see if the french actually came over at that time.

    That's my two cents and proof that I read and enjoy your blog, and that I didn't have the stamina not to banter with you on this one. :)

  2. This movie was great! A must see for Real Men. The battle scenes were done quite similar to Gladiator, very Ridley Scott like. I didn't even notice the length of the film, but I did enjoy every minute of it. I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys medieval style movies with ruggedly handsome heroes. "Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions" - Robin Longstride