Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big 5

So the Oscar Noms are out, and of course none of them are a surprise. I am going to focus on The Big Five: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, and Actress. All the other techincal ones and supporting ones are meh to me.
Let me start with saying that I never really care if a movie one something at the oscars. I tried watching all the best picture winners, but after the English Patient, I was done. I realized that just because it won awards does not make it a good movie.
But it's still fun to talk about the Oscars, because it's kind of a big deal. So let the ranting begin!
Best Picture:
In a perfect world Toy Story 3 would win. Hands down, not competition. But it won't. Its there mostly as a way to make the Acedemy look like it has a heart. The real winner? Either Black Swan or The Social Network. Close winners Are the Kings Speech and Fighter. But really, its gonna be Black Swan or Social Network. Why? Because you haven't heard of any of the other movies. Those 2 are the only ones ever talked about.
Best Director:
I would pick The Coen Bros. But that's just me. The winner? I am gonna have to give it to the Black Swan guy.Darren Aronofsky. For as weird as the movie is, I heard that it is done well.
Best Screenplay(Adapted/Original)
For adpated, def Social Network. Original goes to Inception.
Best Actor:
Man, would I love to see Jeff Bridges win! That would make my day! But he won't. Sorry, Flynn. Again, it is The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg that will take it. No doubt.
Best Actress:
This category has alot of who cares? type roles. I would go for Nicole Kidman, but again not gonna happen. It's probably gonna be Natalie Portman. But it may be Annette Benning so they can make the gay/lesbian crowd happy.
And there you have it, my 2 cents on the Oscars. I probably won't watch, namely because I don't have cable.
But I must remind you, Ladies and Gents, that The Acedemy Awards should not sway you into watching a movie. It really makes little difference. So many critically acclaimed movies are filled with the immorality of the world, and just plane wrong things. Why would Silence of the Lambs be a must see? Sure the acting may be good, but why would someone want to see a movie about a cannibal, a serial killer, and etc? There are good movies that are nominated, but rarely if ever win. Like Beauty and the Beast. But the few good movie rarely make the rest look good. I prefer family movies, blockbusters, romantic comedies, and the occasional drama(not often though). Just becuase a movie one Best Picture does not make it good.