Friday, April 16, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back

I don't remember the first time I watched it.I don't remember my reaction to hearing, "I am your father."
Its just always been there.My favorite of the star wars original trilogy.Heck, my favorite out of the entire saga.
Why am I bringin this up?
Well its the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back being released in theater. Thats right 30 years! Its only 8 years older than I am.
Everyone knows how AWESOME the Empire Strikes Back is.Its is consistently in my Top 5 movies, which rearranges, and changes frequently.
A New Hope = Great
Return of the Jedi = Great too.
But this has got to be the best sequel out there. No other sequel has gotten close to being as good. Well Spider-Man 2 was really good. But lets name a few more. Thats aren't at all good.

Temple of Doom
Attack of the Clones
Dead Man's Chest

Mediocre Sequels:
Ocean's 12
Shrek 2

You catch my drift right? There is something about watching Empire, that different than the rest.
Yoda, Cloud City, "I am your father.", Boba Fett, Asteriods,Hoth,"I love you"...."I know."
Its all just too good. For whatever mistakes Gearge Lucas has made(did I already mention Attack of the Clones?..Oh I did.)this is the pique of his greatness. Not Return of the Jedi, which is really cool.
Oh!And you can't watch the specail edition. I won't go off into my usuall rant I have with my husband about the huge change they made to a scence between Darth Vader and The Emperor. It just wasn't right, ok? I don't care if it make more sense with the new movies, the new movies should have made more sense with the OLD movies!
Ok, I said I wouldn't rant. Just stick with the theatrical edition, if you can. Its for the best.This aint Lord of the Rings. More doesn't equal cooler.
What more can I say?Its a childhood favorite. Its a current favorite.It will be a forever favorite.
To ring in the new year me, my husband, and 2 exceptionally close friends watched all 6 movies in a row. It was a blast. I may have nodded off during Empire, its true. But it is the one I have seen the most. So i dreamed about it as I nodded off, in essence never really missing a beat.
I grew up with this movie, it will forever be a part of my life. Some of you may be thinking, "Its just a movie!"
Well, that book you read as a kid and love and have read over and over, its just a book. That favorite song the harkens you back to simplier times, its just a song.
See?Everyone latches on to something from thier childhood, sure its not some picture of a mountain, a book about dragons, or a song about love. Mine just happens to be a movie about a galaxy far far away...

I leave you know with a really cool fan made trailer for the Empire Strikes Back:


  1. Excellent review, George would be proud. I am surprised you do not remember the first time you saw the Empire Strikes Back. Usually you are good about knowing the first time you saw a movie, TV show and even some commercials. I guess the Force has just always been with you :)

  2. I think my rule of trilogies still applies to this one (in my opinion). The second movie is almost always my least favorite. I like return of the Jedi better!

    Plus the following happens in this movie:
    Betrayed by Lando
    Hand Chopped Off
    Rebel Base Discovered and Destroyed
    Evil Dude is your Father!
    Han Solo is Carbonite-ed
    I could go depressing. I am more of a Star Trek Fan anyway!

    I thought you would pick LOTR as your first review(s)

  3. All I can say is...Now I wanna watch it again.

  4. Hey, I LIKED the second Pirates movie. Bill Nighy is awesome!