Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never work with Children or Animals...

I wasn't really planning on posting anything until I got done with a little experiment of mine. Well, nothing to crazy I am just researching Movies vs. Books.
More on that another time though.
Today I am bloggin about animals in movies. I usually like to give myself at least a day or two to come up with my blog. I think of the topic, then I think on the bulk of what will be written(typed). Not today however. I am just winging this one.
I am writing about animals because I lost a very dear animal, a cat. 13 years old. Passed away of old age. Zelda. She was the greatest cat, of course not everyone thought that. She was old, mean, and fat. But she wasn't mean to me. I call her my cat, but thats a relative term I guess. She was the "family's" cat. But my brothers tormented her, and my sister got married and moved away, so she really only had me. She would come to my room for sanctuary. I would provide it. In return she would honor me with her constant presence, and allow me to pet her. I feed her and just plain loved her. When I got married and moved away not long ago, I cried saying farewell to her(I couldn't take her even though I wanted to real bad). I still have a cat, but he is only a few months with us at this point, so he isn't as near and dear to me as Zelda was. He will be though. I already love him immensely.
So I guess I am digressing from my original topic of animals in movies.
Where to begin? Well, they are in disaster movies, as friends of a homeless person or a child. And if that animal somehow dies in the disaster, forget it the movie sucks. But if that animal lives the movie is good. Never mind how many people die in the said disaster, the animal has gotta live. Examples?
The Day After Tomorrow
The Towering Inferno(where O.J. Simpson saves a cat)

Those are just a few that come to mind.
One movie that its kind of ok that an animal dies is The Lion King. I still bawl like a baby when Mufasa dies(No, not a spoiler because any one that doesn't know that, well that's just sad, so very sad). That's about all I can take though. I pretty much put off watching I am Legend because the dog dies. But my husband likes it, and otherwise its a cool movie.
There are the obnoxious talking animal movies, where there are humans, not just all animals(GForce, Over the Hedge) and the good talking animal movies (Cinderella, Homeward Bound).
And the just plain animal movies(Finding Nemo, Surf's Up, A Goofy Movie).
Oh and My Dog Skip. That's a really good movie, but I can't watch it without crying for at least an hour afterwards. Fox and the Hound. Totally SAD. Saw it when I was a child and I refuse to watch it to this day. As far as I can remember they don't die in the movie, its just really really sad.
So lets recap! Animal deaths in a movie = Bad(Bambi)
That's about it, lol. I may be almost 22, but I love a good Disney movie about animals.
Well that's all today. If this one seems convoluted its because I still am grief stricken
Rest in Peace my wondeful Zelda. I miss you so much.


  1. "Because of Winn Dixie" is a good one, who couldn't love that dog. just goes to show that everything can fall into place with the right pet around.

  2. I miss Zelda too, but never forget how happy of a life she had. Goodbye Zelda

  3. Can't watch I Am Legend cuz I have a German Shepherd.

  4. The death of an animal is always sad. Don't know what I'm going to do when my little baby (or I guess now he is an old man) passes away! Sorry for the loss of Zelda.

    Oh, and the dog in I Am Legend had to die...it was turning into a zombie dog and zombie dogs are creepy